Over the years continuous improvement in the automotive industry has allowed us to develop coating technologies and products such as powder or ceramic coatings. When the coating is applied it enhances the durability of the vehicle and protects it against environmental elements.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is used as a protective finish to help preserve the vehicle’s metal. When powder coating is applied to your vehicle it keeps it looking attractive, maintains the car’s gloss, and improves resiliency against corrosion. It is not only used as a top coat but protects the under-hood parts of your vehicle from extreme temperature and improves the quality of finishes on wheels, bumpers, mirror frames, oil filters, and battery trays. Major appliance parts such as microwave ovens, freezer cabinets, dryer drums, wheel barrows and shovels also are benefactors of powder coating. The automotive and appliance businesses are the largest users of these products.

Powder coating is easy to apply and the process is more cost effective when compared with the liquid coating processes. It is well renowned in the finishing industry for aiding in the reduction of air pollution. It is easier to be compliant with environmental regulations when using powder coatings over other types of coatings. With environmental standards tightened, businesses can use the powder coating option as a more-cost-effective and less-toxic alternative to conventional surface-coating.

Powder coatings are made of polymer resin and other ingredients such as flow modifiers, leveling agents, pigments, and curatives. These additives are in a molten form then they are mixed and ground to form a powder. It can be found in varied textures and colors as opposed to conventional coating. It is solvent free.

When you apply the powder coating, you are guaranteed to protect your accessories from the impact. Involuntary drops on accessories or work items may not be entirely avoided. This makes it necessary for you to apply powder-coating processes to protect them.

Sometimes, it is raining heavily or the sun is brightly shining. In such extreme conditions, the original layer of paint may begin to depreciate, but with powder coatings, you avoid this and keep the original color intact.

Lastly, the powder coating provides protection from ultraviolet light, chemicals, and moisture.

By using powder coating, you also lessen the risk of wear and tear issues like fading, corrosion, abrasions, chipping, and scratches.

Ceramic Coating

A liquid polymer and the fact that the coat is clear characterizes ceramic coating. The ceramic coating affords your car protection to its surface.

You will also find that ceramic coating is composed of ‘soft’ materials and though it may give a final stainless steel shiny look, it is far from it. In normal conditions, the ceramic coating may last up to 5 years.

The nano-coating that is especially used with cars and as a coating for other accessories may be more advantageous than the basic ceramic coating. It is also not expensive to apply and maintain.

Ceramic coating is considered durable if you use it to coat your vehicle. It has 9H hardness, and this ensures maximum resistance to abrasions.

You will also realize that once you decide to use the Ceramic coating it is generally easier to repair as compared to other paint protection options.

You could use a ceramic coating on parts exposed to very high temperatures. Therefore, if you have BBQ grills, exhaust pipes on your car or bike, and headers, then you may use ceramic coating. These coatings protect coated items from thermal fatigue. It also generates more power, lessens friction, and increases the longevity of the protected part.

You may also wish to know that the ceramic coating can be applied to cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and chrome among other materials.

Comparison Between Powder Coating and Ceramic Coating

The power coating finishing looks more attractive than other protective coats. If you desire that fancy look on your accessories, you may choose the powder coating finish. The ceramic coating option is also not as bad, but it may not offer aesthetic value. If you do not mind a lower quality exterior look, then you may choose the ceramic coating.

If you are in the art industry, you definitely have to work with lots of colors and textures. The powder coating finish may be a better choice for you than the ceramic coating. The reason is that the powder form may offer decorative finishing and protective functionality at the same time. The ceramic coating may only provide protection functionality alone. This may not be ideal for a designer who works with a range of colors.

You are probably looking for a coating for your car, but you are on a budget. The ceramic coating may be a better option for you than the powder coating. It is neither hard to apply, expensive to do for the first time, nor is it too hard to maintain.

If you want to coat household items, you may consider using the powder ceramic coating, but if you want to use the coating for your car, the ceramic coating would be a better recommendation than the powder coating.

Please note that in the end, you may have to talk to the manufacturers who supply the different coating products that you want to use and share with them your purpose. They will give you reasonable inputs to help you make the best choice.