Ford is known for their comfortable rides, smooth driving vehicles, and their efficient after sales car services. The company offers a wide range of vehicles fulfilling the needs of many sectors in society. The company has operations around the globe that provide top services to its customers. No matter which Ford vehicle you own, car servicing is a part of owning a car. Ford is considered a multinational auto company. The demand for Ford vehicles has risen over the years, resulting in an increase in their number car services worldwide. The following will provide you with a few details about how you can get auto service for your Ford vehicle.

Ford began its operations in 1901 and was named after its founder Henry Ford. During the 1980’s, Ford became famous in the auto industry by introducing a few highly successful models in the market. The company made new records of success and added few vehicles in the list of top-class vehicles during the 21st century. From then till now, Ford has faced many challenges and, ultimately, continues to be successful.

How to Identify a Ford Vehicle

the different design of Ford logo

The initial logo of Ford consisted of its name in black that later on changed into an oval with the company’s name in the middle. In 1912, the logo was changed to a bird with the words “The Universal Car” written at the bottom. During this period Ford added the color blue to its logo. The company logo changed a few more times after 1912, but the color blue was retained over the years. The current logo of the company is simple, yet famous. It contains the company’s name, Ford, written in the middle of a blue oval. It is one of the most recognizable symbols used in the automobile industry.

How to Book a Car Service Appointment

Ford service building

For the smooth running of your car it is important to get regular servicing. Ford offers car service and protection to their customers under a program titled ‘Ford Protect’. You can register yourself on the Ford Protect and choose the plan that fits your needs. Different plans are offered at different prices. Each plan has its own benefits. The plans offered by the company include a New Vehicle limited warranty (36, 000 miles or 3 years), a Power Train warranty (60,000 miles or 5 years), and a No Factory warranty (for 150,000 miles or 8 years). These plans provide premium level maintenance car services.

Besides the coverage offered by Ford, you can get customer support 24/7. You may call the company and schedule a car service. Ensure that you have your vehicle details as this is recommended to make the process easier. A representative is available at all times to attend to your needs. Contact Ford and have a conversation with a representative about your car service needs.

Car Service Resources

Ford has developed numerous resources in order for the car owner to easily access help. You can get access to the manual for your vehicle by selecting the correct year, make, and model here. A MyFord Mobile is also available which can provide you with regular updates. You can get car services resources available on the mobile app as well. You will just have to create your account on the mobile app in order to gain access to Ford services offered. The required details include your credentials, contact details, and your vehicle information.

Car Vehicle Type and Specification

Ford vehicles

Ford offers many different types and models of vehicles that customers appreciate. Below identify some of the vehicles that Ford manufactures.


  • Ford Fiesta
  • Ford Focus
  • Ford Fusion
  • Ford Mustang
  • Ford Taurus

SUVs and Crossovers

  • Ford Eco sport
  • Ford Escape
  • Ford Edge
  • Ford Flex
  • Ford Explorer
  • Ford Expedition

Trucks and Vans

  • Ford Ranger
  • Ford Transit Connect
  • Ford F-150
  • Ford Super Duty
  • Ford Transit

Hybrid and EVs

  • Ford Fusion Hybrid
  • Ford Focus Electric
  • Ford Fusion Energi

You may also get information about future vehicles the company is about to launch by visiting this link.

Car Service Locations

The official Ford website of the company provides an option tab on top of the page titled “service”. You can get information about the car service locations by selecting the appropriate option. By just providing the zip code of your city, you can narrow down the options. You can also search the location of the dealer by giving the name of the dealer after selecting the name tab on the top.

Car Parts and Accessories 

Ford Store with vehicle parked in front

The Ford company’s official website provides you with the details of the dealers that provide you with genuine parts for your car. You can get dealers providing interior parts, exterior parts, electronic parts, wheels, and more. You will just need to provide the model and year of your car in order to search for the right part.  You can register yourself and add products to your wish list for purchasing them in the future.