If you want to protect the surface of your car consider applying a ceramic coating to it. There are various online stores that offer ceramic coating for sale which can save you money.

In this article, we will highlight places to buy ceramic coating to waterproof your vehicle. It can also help in protecting your vehicle from chemical contaminants, dirt, and scratches. In fact, the ceramic coating will not affect your car’s original paint.

No one wants their valuables to be exposed or be unprotected from the elements. If left unprotected they can eventually become damaged and incur replacement or repair costs. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Thus, Nano coating can aid in protecting your valuables such as your vehicle. Other valuables may also include mobile phones, jackets, bags, shoes, watches, and helmets. Coating your vehicle allows it to be protected from the unwanted elements.

If your mode of transportation is a yacht, ceramic nano coating can provide protection against salt water, bird droppings, moss, and sun while you’re out on the sea.

If you have just painted your house and worry that either kids or pets may alter the texture and appearance of your wall, there is a remedy for this. Apply ceramic coating so you can worry less. Adding ceramic nano coating to your home décor, for instance, your furniture, helps make them more waterproof. In addition, it prevents them from getting stains.

Some companies offer home surface protection solutions that are nano ceramics applied free of charge already. This helps keep the first color intact for a longer period of time.

Ceramic Coating Decisions Factors

Online shopping stores - Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba

Prices and Locations

If you need to urgently paint, consider visiting a store near you. If there is no shop nearby that sells ceramic coatings products, then you can simply visit one virtually at home or on the go by surfing the internet.

Different vendors will sell at varying prices. If you are on a budget, it is obvious that you would want to consider several suppliers’ prices before you settle on one. You can get ceramic nano coating on Amazon ranging from $10.00 to $200.00. You can also get them on Ebay for approximately around the same price range. Both Ebay and Amazon can organize shipping for you to any part of the globe. There is also an option of buying from the Alibaba website. On this website, there are a variety of ceramic products.

If you are in Europe and you want to buy Nano ceramic for coating for your car, there is a company known as Nasiol that specializes in ceramics only. They provide ceramic services for cars, boats, and one’s household. They also provide you with the opportunity to start your own ceramic coating business.

China is known to be a manufacturer of multiple products. They have lots of companies selling ceramic coating paints. If you are looking for custom automotive high gloss paint, then a website with Chinese suppliers called Made in China is your preferred vendor. The product description is provided including the color, price per unit, and the number of units a person must purchase. The suppliers also include high-quality images to showcase their products. There is also a chat tab where you can contact the supplier to inquire about extra details about the ceramic paint you want to buy.

If you were in New York City and you would like to visit a physical shop because you do not trust online vendors to ship your product before having a thorough evaluation, look no further than at Sono Tek Company. This company offers several different types of services including spray dying, sensors, nano wires, and nano materials.  They have videos on their website that you can have a look to help you choose what you want.


Quality is very important to consider. In a world where counterfeits can seemingly look more real than original products, you want to be sure to get value for your money after you are done with the painting. Hence, make sure when you are purchasing the item, it is a reputable brand, there is a positive review of the product, and you purchase the recommended coating for the specific task. For instance, a ceramic glass nano hydrophobic coating rainproof agent treatment costing $2.00 will protect your vehicle’s glass not the body paint.


After you consider quality, price, and vendor the next thing is to identify how much of the product you actually need. Companies, whether online or offline, may have a variety of their products. Therefore, you should not encounter any problems when finding it in large or small quantities. If your choice is to buy ceramic coating in bulk or wholesale, you can do it at your convenience. Wholesale purchase is preferable if you own many vehicles or a business owner who requires using the product constantly. Ceramic coatings have a long shelf life so there is no need to worry about the products’ expiration dates.

If the stores don’t have of the actual ceramic coating you want, you may consider buying the powder and mixing it yourself to come up with a coating paste of your choice. If you follow the instructions provided on the manual carefully, you will be in a position to make what you need.

You might have bought your first ceramic coating for your car, and therefore, you already know what you want. Once you are comfortable you can easily do the coating by yourself. This saves you the cost of hiring professional services for the coating.