Congratulations! Now you own a vehicle. This means flexibility, convenience, and fun.  However, it also needs to be serviced by a mechanic shop or a dealership to ensure that it continues to function properly. There is a lot you still need to know about owning a new car to keep it running smoothly on the road and to make it last longer.

There is not a single vehicle or an electronic machine that is too brand new that it won’t need servicing. The only difference is that if your car is new, you can be assured that you won’t have to replace a part faster than someone who owns an old car. However, if you got in a car wreck you may have to quickly visit a mechanic shop to replace several parts or replace the vehicle altogether.

The reasonable time to go is as per the instructions indicated on your service card or manual provided by the dealership. Basically you should get a car service every 3,000 miles or every three months. This will help to keep your vehicle on the road longer and potentially save lives. Sometimes you may think, “well nothing has gone wrong so far so why should I bother visiting a mechanic shop?” Do not forget that just as you go for regular doctor visits to ensure that you are strong and healthy, so should your vehicle as well. The vehicle needs to be checked frequently to serve you better and keep others and yourself save.

a vehicle dashboard

When a check engine light shows on your dashboard, it is definitely a strong indication that it is time to go to a mechanic shop. Some reasons for the dashboard check light could be that you run out of oil, the engine is overheating, or something is faulty. You do not want to continue driving your vehicle and risk the problem getting worse. The best thing is to schedule an appointment with your car service provider or mechanic shop before it becomes too costly to repair or someone gets hurt.

Below are some warning Signals for you to have an idea when to visit a mechanic shop.

Emissions from Exhaust Pipes

Dark smoke coming out of the muffler of a vehicle.

It is not normal for a new car to emit dark, pungent smells from the exhaust pipes. For an older car, maybe this would happen more times than often. However, if your new car has the exhaust pipe emitting a dark smoke and smell it is time to see a mechanic. This could mean that your car’s catalytic converter is clogged or dirty. In addition to this, if there is dark smoke, then the oxygen sensor is possibly blocked.

Gear Shifting Problems

a male hand is on a vehicle's gear.

One of the best inventions in cars was the automatic car. However, no matter how far technology has advanced, the manual car still proves that it is still one of the best cars we have on the planet. The reason for this is that it is easy to detect a fault as you change gears. You are an enthusiast of manual cars, and you have always had an easy time engaging the levers of your car. On this one time, you find that it is slower than usual, and it is not as immediate as it used to be. This is a clear indication that you need to see the nearest mechanic shop in town. There should not be a pause while you try to change the gear, and if there is, it means the transmission part is slowly failing.

Noisy Brakes

a person white a their foot on the car brakes.

When you step on the brake, it should be silent, but if there is a grinding noise, it is time to see a mechanic. The problem may be minute but it should not be ignored. It is an indication that you should get new brake pads and change the existing ones one the vehicle. You can change the brakes pads yourself or visit a local mechanic shop.

Leaking Fluids

vehicle fluid being poured into a vehicle's container.

Fluids are filled in their respective containers and perform specific functions. For this reason, if you notice an empty compartment, you should walk into a store and buy the recommended fluid for your vehicle. For example, if you notice that your brake fluid is low you should buy DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5. It is difficult to refill some fluids on your own; in this case you should visit a mechanic. If your fluid is leaking or there is a breakage in one of the containers you should immediately call your dealership or mechanic shop and get this problem fixed. If left unchecked the fluid will interfere with other parts of the engine that are supposed to be dry and free from fluids. This will eventually wreck your engine and your car will be more prone to an explosion.

A Noisy Steering Wheel

a woman is driving a vehicle with both of her hands on the steering wheel.

While the other car problems may be easy to ignore, this one is not. Steering wheel issues are very serious. You may notice that you cannot ignore the steering wheel for a second, or you will crash into something, or worse yet, someone. The following are some signs you may notice to conclude that your steering wheel is faulty: stiffness, grinding sound, and squealing. In most cases it could be you need to top up the level of your cars power steering fluid.

Shaking Wheels

A white car driving on a wet road. The car is partially shown but one of the front wheel is clearly seen.

You will notice this when the car has wobbling and is incessantly shaking. This means that your vehicle may need a wheel alignment or you may need to replace the wheel that is causing the problem. You should fix this before it causes extra damage to your car or you run off the road.

Gas Mileage Decreases

Woman wearing a polka dot blue dress closing the gas tank of a blue car holding a credit card in her right hand.

If you notice that your car has a sudden drop in mileage or your gasoline is finishing quickly, this is a warning sign that something is wrong. The confusing part about this kind of a sign is that it may not be one specific thing. It could be a range of things that could be causing this problem. It could be that the gas tank has a leak or the oil level needs a top up. In short, the best thing is to visit a mechanic shop immediately.

Generally, a vehicle serves you better when you service it frequently by a car service provider or a mechanic. It will last you longer and have a good resale value.