Knowing what to do if your vehicle breaks down is important. Vehicles breakdown at the most inopportune times and often in the worst places. A vehicle breakdown is the mechanical failure of a motor vehicle in such a way that the underlying problem prevents the vehicle from being operated at all, or else dangerous to operate.

Here are a few tips to follow if you breakdown:

1) Move to the hard shoulder as quickly as possible – It is important to move your vehicle as fast as you can onto the hard shoulder and once there try to park the car in as tight as you can. Put on your hazard lights and the vehicle’s sidelights and if visibility is bad you should also put on your rear fog lights.

2) Get everyone out– While it is not a legal requirement it is always useful to have a fluorescent high-visibility vest or jacket in your car to put on. Get everyone else out of the vehicle and remember to always leave the vehicle by the passenger side and not the driver’s side.  

3) Don’t spend time trying to repair the problem – If possible, try to refrain from repairing the vehicle yourself. Leave any major repairs for a qualified mechanic. One shouldn’t try to carry out even minor repairs – and that includes changing a tire in teh event your vehicle breaks down  on the hard shoulder of a highway. 

4) Call for help – Either call for help or walk to the nearest roadside assistance phone box, remaining behind the barriers at all times, which are located at regular intervals along the roadside. If you are a member of a breakdown service, when you call them they will ask you for details of the vehicle, the situation and will also want to know your location. Many breakdown recovery companies give priority to highway call-outs due to the extra danger the passengers face in this exposed environment.

5) Wait somewhere safe – Stay well away from the road, especially if on a highway, and hard shoulder as you wait for help to arrive.

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