Ceramic coating is the most recent painting protection for cars. Since its introduction, the concern has been on durability but over time it has been proven to work. Car owners are increasingly adopting this technique for the permanent protection of their cars.

Besides protection, ceramic coating has an impact on the appearance of a car. Applying ceramic coating on your car guarantees you a lifetime of class and elegance. The protection layer is noticeable from a distance. Even if you are considering to sell your car in a few years to come, the depreciation won’t be too much because of the coating on the body.

Ceramic coating is incomparable to other coating techniques because of its chemical compounds that define its permanent impact. The application of ceramic coating is one of the important elements in re-defining appearance and protecting your car. Unlike other painting techniques, the coating is applied twice. The first is the traditional painting based on a car owner’s color preference, the second is the coating. This is what makes ceramic coating special. It is about protection and creating elegance.


In previous years, it was impossible to explain the application of ceramics because it was new and everyone was going for it because of the magical results. Any car in the neighborhood that had the ceramic coating would turn eyes. It is now a common technique and you can do it yourself. Common does not mean ineffective. The quality and significance of ceramic coating has been maintained for years and is not decreasing any time soon.

You don’t need any fancy equipment. Creativity and knowledge of the science behind the ceramic coating idea is all you need. The trick with a ceramic coating is how it sticks to the surface of the car. Unlike other coatings that can easily be separated from the surface of the car, the double combination technique guarantees a firm hold on the car.

DIY technique

two car being compared before and after applying ceramic coating.

The combination of Opti-Coat and Ceramic Pro 2 attributes to its uniqueness and effectiveness. You don’t have to go to the professionals to apply a ceramic coat on your car.

All you need to change the look of your car and protect it from future damage is to buy a ceramic coating kit. Follow the steps below to apply the coating at home.

Before application

It is a chemically reactive process and requires you to be extra careful with the portions to avoid affecting the body of your car. You can compromise on the quality of the body is you mix too high concentrations. Adequate preparation is necessary before you apply the paint. Here are some tips:

Clean the exterior to be free from oil, dust, or any form of contamination. Ensure the whole surface of the car is free from any dirt that can compromise the wax effect.

If you can find a superior polish the better, but it is not a must. The second stage involves the application of the ceramic coating while the surface is super clean.

Avoid applying ceramic coating in scorching sun or rain. If you are living in a region with extreme temperatures, you should consider an indoor application with adjusted temperatures for ultimate results.

four ceramic coating bottles placed on top a black vehicle

Check to make sure the car is still super clean before making any paint application. This is crucial for the paint and surface of the car to merge. It is the secret to durability. Proper merging helps to avoid breakage. If there are any spots from elements or dust, remove them with a detergent and rinse the car properly.

Be sure to leave it for a few minutes to dry under a gentle breeze. Never apply ceramic coating on the surface of a wet car.

If you used any machines to clean the car body and raised its temperature, you should wait for it to completely cool before you begin the application process. For best results, apply ceramic coating by hand.

How to apply

First, unbox the ceramic content and make sure all the tools are in it. Familiarize with the use of each before you begin.

Wrap the cloth over the provided sponge. Warping helps to keep the contents within the sponge; it reduces waste and spillage as well as improves the accuracy of the coating process.

Open the bottle gently to avoid spilling it on your clothes. It can be corrosive on soft material.

Pour a few drops on the sponge. Start to wipe gently with the cloth and sponge over the car’s surface.

Find another wet cloth to wash away any excess deposits of the ceramic coating on the surface and go over the coating again to make it uniform.

After application

a black pick up vehicle with ceramic coating application in different seasons

After you are satisfied that every part of the car’s surface is covered uniformly, allow the car to dry naturally. Avoid any blowing air on the body of the car to make it dry. Natural drying for ceramic coating takes around 48 hours. This is not too much time to wait for permanent protection and an elegant look for the rest of your life with the car.

Keep the car away from rain or snow during the drying process as these can compromise on the natural drying process.