Over the past few years, there have been a lot more channels focusing on DIY car builds and fixing cars. I and Chris do these car rebuilds every year. We decided to give ourselves a challenge and when he presented me with the BMW Z4 that had some accident damage, I said, well, it is a challenge, but it’s not really because it’s basically bodywork. It’s basically just fixing and repairing the BMW Z4 car to make it roadworthy. But then Chris said, we have to do it in four days!

I’m not going to do it myself. I’m definitely not equipped to do that. I have a friend, his name is Chris from a channel called “B is for Build”. Definitely check him out. He’s doing a lot of really interesting stuff. He brings cars like this back from the brink and back from death. Is this car dead? Chris can you tell us a little bit about this damaged car that we need to fix within four days since I don’t know anything about it.

I didn’t know the wheel was damaged; it looked straight online. I bought it from a site scene in Texas. I knew it had previous flood damage, but it was running and driving. So my guess was it flooded and then somebody fixed it and drove it into something and then today. This car may be on its third salvage life. I knew nothing about it and I bought it in Texas online for thirty-two hundred dollars. Thirty-two hundred bucks for a 2013 Z4 with 40,000 miles.

I think the game plan for this entire build is going to be very simple. So we have bodywork, to make the car beautiful again. We need to sort out the suspension on the car. We have to lower the wheels and tires, paint and add a new body kit. This is a MK5 super prototype and it is right off the line.

This has a four-cylinder and it’s a Japanese version. You can’t get these in America. I think it’s time to get to work taking this thing apart. We literally have four days which includes today. So including today, because then Chris turns into a pumpkin and has to go to Disney World and I have to do other things on other cars. It is really, truly a real four days build. If the paint isn’t painted on the car and drying over the fourth night, then we have lost. Let’s get to work because we don’t have any time to waste. 

Now that we got the wheel off, we can see a little bit more of the damage and there is a lot of damage on this car. So this car has been salvaged more than once. You can see that not only has it been hit right here, but if we look back here this is not exactly OEM, BMW quality, but we’re going to focus on this. 

This is the bulk of the damage and as you can see, the wheel has seen better days. If we look back here, you can see that the control arm is one hundred percent just snapped right off. It’s a bad thing because that means that the only thing keeping this on the car is the steering tire on the end, which is probably bent or something. It needs to be replaced or at least adjusted. Also this is most likely bent. I don’t think it’s supposed to have this sharp angle, but we have both of these control alarms, we are going to replace both of these control alarms.

We’re also going to replace this as the shock and this is most likely bent as well, because it’s not supposed to be able to take that much lateral strain. I definitely know that the Strutt top is not in good shape, but this is what I’m going to do.

I’m going to be doing all the mechanical work, basically making this thing as good as a performer as it can be. Chris is going to make it look as good as it can be. So he’s going to be doing all the cosmetic work. He’s going to be installing the body kit. Now, this is a Dürer flex body kit. Got it on eBay and it looks pretty good. It looks like the M series, I’m not actually sure what it’s supposed to look like, but it looks pretty cool. It does have a very racing look. 

The back bumper, you can see it has those dual exhaust ports and a rear diffuser, which makes it look a lot more aggressive. We also have some side skirts and a rear lip, and it’s going to look a lot better than it is right now. But the overall shape of the car is something I enjoy quite a bit. Now, this does have the four cylinder engine and it is turbo charged. So we’re going to try to get as much power as we can out of that with a tuner. We’re going to make sure it runs good. It’s going to be a lot of time lapse, a lot of work and probably a few late nights. But this thing should be awesome by the end of the week. This is the old control arm and this is the brand new control arm

We also did take out this other control arm as well. I’m not sure if these have special names or anything, but I just wanted to make sure that we replace them. There’s a lot of weird bends and if any of these is kinked, then that’s basically going to mean that we’re going to have an alignment issue later on. So we got a brand new one of these control arms as well, so it’s going to work. Now, all we have to do is put the control arms back on, then we put the wheel on and I take a test drive. 

It’s ready to go on the road. Chris, do you think it’s going to start? Yes. Can you cycle the wheel from left to right? That looks good, straighten the car wheels. That’s fine, good enough for government work. The brakes feel good. The computer will be able to tell us if it is overheating. We’ll know since the coolant will be shooting out. On our first  test drive after fixing the car up a bit, you can hear the turbo. However, there is a small issue, the wheels are not aligned properly.

I wouldn’t want to take this on the highway without fixing the car wheel alignment properly. There is sound coming from the car and there is also no speed. It is very slow and I think that there’s a boost leak. Let’s turn around and go back, I think there is a place there, too. I haven’t had a car driving zero to 40,  that slowest ever.

We didn’t want to go past thirty five hundred r.p.m. It wasn’t full throttle. There is definitely something going wrong and it’s very slow. So we’re going to have to figure that out. I want to see it from a dead stop.

The engine is operating at reduced output, that’s little petulant mode. We’re back in the shop and it’s a beautiful day, so let’s keep on ranching. There seem to be some issues with this car, namely that the engine isn’t running as fast as well as powerful. It’s not running as good. I’m a little loopy. This is today’s today is an unusual sort of day.

So the engine is not running good. It’s running quite bad and we’re trying to figure out what that problem might be. So what we did is we looked into the electrical system and we found this. I don’t know if this is stock.

This does not really look all that stock and it doesn’t really look all that safe. But everything here sort of checks out and we cleaned off the grounds. There’s a ground strap right here and we made sure that that went down to bare metal. It had a good metal to metal connection.

Could be the Fuze box. But as you can see, we bought all new fuzes and we replaced every single Fuze in the car. So that should be sorted. I also made sure that I had good contacts. I use this contact cleaner, so we should be good there.

But when we looked underneath the car, it really didn’t look all that great because if you come underneath here and you look at the charge pipe for the turbo, you can see that there is a gap right there on the terrible on both sides, on both the inlet and outlet. So it’s not actually connected to the turbo, which means that when the turbo makes the boost to make the car go fast, the car doesn’t go fast. The boost doesn’t actually get to the engine. So that is a bad situation.

I think I found something and this is probably why we’re not getting any boost and why the cars are in limp mode. This is the pipe that goes from the turbo to the cooler and this carries charged air. Obviously this is supposed to go right here, but it doesn’t. So it’s broken. This is plastic and it probably over some heat cycles. Just got brittle and it broke. So we’re going to put in some epoxy. We’re going to clean this up.

I’ve got to put in some epoxy then plastic. Well, that and hopefully she should see some boost. A lot of boost. All right, so I put some epoxy over here, I will be doing some plastic welding to make sure that this does not boost the leak. Is this like an M kit M type bumper sticker on this? This looks really good. It looks really tough and I can’t wait to see when this thing is lowered on the ground, better wheels and it’s going to look really good, especially with that lip spoiler. Actually, you want to try out the lip spoiler. See how that looks.

It’s not, a little filler. Where does it go on the trunk? It’s. Let’s put it on, I want to see what it looks like. It might go like this, I don’t know that could be upside down. Does it go like that? That doesn’t make any sense. It’s really floppy. I think it hangs off the side.

No, let me go look for instructions. Does this even go on the car? Perfect. Boy, that is a mustache on that car, if I ever see. Well, that’s limo radar limo-free mustache rides. Apparently, these have standards and here’s one of the stands right here. You can see that there was a threaded section right here that’s supposed to thread into the spoiler. Problem is, when you try to thread it into the spoiler, these screws are smaller than this stand and in order to put the stand in the spoiler, you have to have to ream it out and do a bunch of stuff. It’s like not even possible because there’s actually a metal or threaded part that’s built into the fiberglass here.

You can kind of see it right in there. So you’d be talking about cutting this thing, a huge chunk of it out to reconstruct it. But more importantly, like so basically these stands and it sets this thing up a couple of inches off here. When I looked at the picture from the one I bought, it was carbon fiber. This is pure fiberglass. I just wasn’t really digging the look once I got here. It’s a little bit too Batman, so I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to use it anyways. But now we can’t mount it to the car. I have an idea of what we can do. Perfect. You’re really looking at home in this car. Have you ever found a Ferrari spoiler for cheaper than free? I have not, and they were not this batman looking. So I guess that’s that’s where it’s going to go. That for Fahri sometimes batmen. No, that is not that’s not true. Just a bunch of electrical wires down here. Nothing to worry about. Awesome, we have our boots. Stella got her groove back. All right, so how are you? So that was it. That was just the fact that the engine didn’t have air. Turns out engines need air.

This is day four because we spent the last few days getting this car ready, troubleshooting some issues and also doing a lot of bodywork. You can see the body’s not on the car, but Chris was hard at work doing all the sanding and all that stuff that I can’t be bothered to do. But this I can be bothered to do. Here’s what we did yesterday or two days ago.

So we went to the BMW dealership and we had to buy one of these. This is a turbo intake pipe. Also we had to fix this because both pipes were actually cracked. They’re made of plastic that gets brittle with heat cycles. Also this car wasn’t in the best shape to begin with. So we got this on that that took a long time and we got that on and we fixed it and we had to fix it because our fix wasn’t exactly good enough.

But I’m getting out into the weeds. It works. It boosts, it has enough power. We’re going to have a late night today and this car is going to get done, is going to look a lot different by the end of today.

By the time we go home and go to sleep. No notice. Notice he did not say better. He said differently, which is good. This is a man who knows how to temper expectations. Look at how good that looks. So obviously, it’s not going to be 100 percent perfect because this car got hit on that side, but it looks pretty darn sweet. Now, what Chris is doing right now is he’s just putting up the side skirts. It’s a pretty good fit as far as fiberglass aftermarket parts go, because we just have this it just clips into here and then the sides are just clipped into there. We will be doing some screws, I believe, into the metal, but we’re going to make it nice and neat.

The same goes for the rear bumper. But while he does that and makes the car nice and pretty, I’m going to be doing this. This is a set of B-R series coil overs from my friends. A bike racing to the B-R series of coil over is adjustable, both in dampening and ride height. And you can adjust the right height without changing the spring rate, which is really awesome. Also, they look pretty good and evolving in the spring rate is exactly what this car needs to be lower and more responsive and higher performance.

All that stuff also has these little isolators to make sure we don’t get any rubbing or any weird squeaks. In addition, the backs have the springs separate from the struts. So this is going to be kind of interesting to install. So I’ll show you how that goes, but I’m getting a little antsy.

Let’s put that on the car. That looks pretty good. I have to say, that looks way better than the truck gap we had before. Now, this is the lowest setting on the bike racing coil overs, and this one needs a bit of an alignment.

What do you think? The truck’s not close to a car that’s called a hood. Sorry it’s late. The hood isn’t closed and that’s why there’s a bit of a gap. But it also needs a little bit of adjustment from the camera area. But we can adjust that with the coil overs.

Now, if you take a look at what the difference is between this and the rear, you can see a huge gap right here and over there. It’s very, very minimal and if you take a look on the other side, it is basically the same thing. It’s actually a really big gap here.

I don’t know why that is, but we have to jump on the back and the back is actually a little bit more complicated than the front on second thought. That’s not what we’re going to be doing. The coil overs are going to have to wait. We’re getting the paint prepped right now while we’re getting the car ready for paint. Chris, what are we getting the car ready for?

Paint your home, the camera. You know what is happening? We’re playing everybody panel down with wax and grease remover to remove any contaminants before we sand. If you don’t do that and then you stand the sandpaper, we’ll just dig into it even further. We’ll clean it up sand and wax and grease remover one more time and then we’re ready to put it in the booth.

We got a booth over there an\nd that is courtesy of these guys. Andrew, you know him and you love him. Eric, he’s better than just a tuner. He also builds those weird flesh-colored things. These four million bees were busted up jobs, so we got a little bit of tiger strapping you kind of catching on camera right here side to side. Last night, these were the parts that were super puddled up and still very wet. Tiger striping comes from a myriad of different reasons. But anyway, the way to go paint like this and then to come back and paint like this, which is what I did, which is why the tiger stripes are going that way.

It’s super annoying to me, though, and it doesn’t have to be there. So we’re still within the respray time. We have a little bit of time this morning to spare since we’re staying with the map color. So what I’m going to go ahead and do is mix up some paint, clean this panel up real nice, and then I’m going to do a nice even coat side to side, front to back across this thing, get rid of those tiger stripes.

About. Guys, take a look at this now. This is a BMW Z4. I really like how this turned out and we only took three days. Really? Are you saying something, Chris? Fantastic. It is fantastic. That’s right. So this is the Z4 that we’ve been working on for the past five days with three days working.  I didn’t get any sleep and Chris definitely didn’t get any sleep and it looks great. Look at these Karnig wheels. They fit perfectly in just the right amount of stretch. That fitment is great. This dura flex kit on point.

Now, with every fiberglass kit, you’re going to have to do a little bit of modification. But the fitment was great on the front end. Obviously, this car has had some issues with its checkered past, let’s just call it that. We fixed it as much as we could, and it’s looking fantastic.

Now, I’m gushing about this car because I really love the look of it and I love the color, this Hockenheim Silver Metallic, which Chris did in Matt because we didn’t have enough time to do it. But it also looks really good. Matt and I might do this as my color for my SL 55 mmHg. But right now I’m really excited to get this thing on the road to see if we fix some loose leaks, to see if this is the performer that we set out to build almost well about a week ago.

On the road, we’re on the road. After three days, it feels pretty good. Well, today is the fourth day after four days. I have no idea what day it is today, Saturday. Then what a weekend cruise in our Z4, I feel good. I feel good. All right. Here we go. We’re going to wrap it around this corner. We’re just going to throw it at. This is a New Years, that’s not a life that’s good.

The right call is actually really good, we have this on full hard for her, and it’s actually very nice. I mean, you can feel if you feel the road like a more sporty car. We also have bigger wheels and more grippy tires. Better tires. It actually feels really, really nice. We improved dramatically with just those parts dramatically. Considering that this car was absolutely undrivable when we started, it was really I mean, we couldn’t pull it off.

You can hear that Turbo now. Sounds great. It’s just like I didn’t think like a car. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but it had something to drive us to school every morning. I would love to start with this corner again a little more time. The best in the breaking and entering. I got to set a goal to knock your camera off a strap on it. Almost, almost. All right, guys, that is going to be it for this episode, this entire build, actually, and this is looking really good.

Now, I can’t take any credit for making this as pretty as it is that goes to help with the bodywork. I want your help with the bodywork. Eric, help with bodywork. I mean, I did a little bit, but this was forged in your mind.

This is your creation. This Hockenheim, metallic silver, silver, metallic, looks really good. Like I said earlier, I want this on some of my other cars. This is just good I think it looks really good. This is one of my favorite new painkillers. Especially with the gloss black actually satin black accents on this car just kind of sets it off and it just looks amazing.

We basically made a new supre for three thousand dollars. I came out to about four thousand dollars. I think the cheapest one we found in town here was over 16000. We actually looked on Craigslist to see what we can find as far as the 2013 before we got 20 grand. Flip this for a 12500. I mean for four days. Work on it. That was a lot of fun. There are a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of work that went into this.

So I hope you guys enjoyed it. We do the stuff every year. We actually have a sort of series like a running series going on. Our first year we did a fifteen hundred dollar rear-wheel drive challenge. We went out to California and we did all sorts of weird stuff in the desert. Last year we also did a five hundred dollar Ford Explorer Drift car. We also jumped in, we and animals came in and that was a lot of fun.

All this stuff will be in the link description below. BK racing middle tires and everything else we used on this car will be in the link in the description below. Check it out. It’s really good stuff, it made this car look absolutely amazing. So I think that’s going to be it. 

Until next time this is me reminding you guys that on cars like this that look amazing when you put in a lot of work over four days, you guys need to wrench every day