Everyone likes to drive a clean, shining car. People around the world either wash their cars mostly on the weekend or get them washed from car wash stations. However, many people despite washing their cars whenever it’s convenient use a poor technique and tools that ends up damaging their vehicle’s interior and exterior.

This post is about helping car owners wash their car properly for themselves or informing the car wash station personnel of what they are doing incorrectly. For an effective car wash, there are some essential tools that you require. These tools not only make your car cleaner and shinier, but also help to maintain your car’s paint life. These tools add detail to even minor spots. The following are twelve tools you can use to wash a car effectively.

1. Microfiber

A car’s paint is a tricky thing to clean and to maintain its life you need to use the correct material. A regular towel does not clean the dirt off the paint or dry the car’s paint properly. Many car enthusiasts have been facing different issues with maintaining their cars’ paint, specifically scratching on their vehicle. The use of regular cloths or towels leaves scratches and makes the surface of the paint rough. The glass is very sensitive to scratches just like the paint on the car. The professionals have designed a special towel that helps cleaning a car better. Microfiber leaves no dirt particles on the car and dries it perfectly. The microfiber makes the surface and the paint of the vehicle more shiny and it reflects in the sunlight. The more sunlight it reflects the less paint gets faded.

2. Car Brush

 When it rains and you drive somewhere to work, to an outing, or just to get some fresh air, you need a car brush. When the layer of dirt, sand. or mud is thick on the exterior of the car then using a microfiber material will not do the work in removing the dirt. The towel leaves scratches on the paint if you are trying to remove thick dirt with a cloth and not a car brush. The thick layer of dirt can be cleaned off the car using a brush. You should not use a regular brush to clean this mud off your car’s exterior. The enthusiasts and professionals made a brush specifically for the exterior of the car to keep the paint’s surface smooth and scratch free.

3. Water Bucket

 You need a water bucket to hold the soapy water for your car as well as for clean water. This is used for rinsing the car. Hence, buying two buckets will be an ideal amount to purchase. It is also environmentally friendly because it saves on water. If you use a hose it can lead to wastage of water. It also will save you on soap as well. Having a smaller container to dip water out can also help with conserving water.

4. A Grit Guard Insert

 This item is intended for people who use buckets to wash their cars. A grit guard basically functions to pull the dirt particles at the bottom of the bucket allowing the clean water go to the surface.  It fits deep in the bucket. To properly wash your car you first need to dip the cloth in the clean water and then place the cloth in the soapy bucket of water. After washing a section of the car you should place back the cloth in the clean bucket of water. As you scrub your wash cloth against the grit guard small dirt particles will fall to the bottom of the bucket. This is where the grit guard plays an important part in the car’s cleaning process. It ensures that the dirt falls to the bottom of the bucket and wouldn’t become lodged in the wash cloth, in turn preventing the car surface from being scratched.

5. A Garden Hose

 If you are planning on washing the car and you don’t have any buckets, you can use a garden hose. It sprays water on ample pressure and it’s really good at cleaning dirt and rinsing soap and dirt of cars quickly. It provides convenience in efficiently cleaning a car.

6. Pressure Water Hose

A pressure hose is much more powerful that a normal garden hose. If the mud is pretty thick on the vehicle, a simple garden hose will not be as efficient and effective. A pressure hose is pretty good at rinsing off difficult car dirt and taking off thick layers of mud.

7. Foam Canon Bottle

 You can use either a gas or electric-powered pressure washer. Most prefer the gas pressure washer because it gives more pressure and more PSI. If you don’t want to wake up your neighbors then we suggest you use the electric pressure washer.  Add two ounces to five ounces of automobile foam soap into your foam canon bottle. Rinse your car first, start from the top of your car and head downwards. Attach your foam canon bottle to your pressure washer and adjust the pressure located at the top of the bottle and begin to spray your car with the foam.

8. Wheel Brush

 Cleaning the wheels is the trickiest, dirtiest area of the vehicle. There are points where you can’t reach using a normal hand brush. You need to have a wheel brush for this purpose. It helps in getting inside the tiniest of spots. It also maintains the shine of the wheels by not damaging the rims.

9. Wash Mitts

 Car wash mitts are somewhere between car brushes and a microfiber towel. These are actually built to apply wax on a car or other polishes. But many people prefer them than over car brushes. It is because for many people these are easier to use than the brushes.

10. Air Blower

Some parts of the car are tricky and need to be dried off. For example, the engine bay of the car cannot be dried off using a towel. The air blower is very helpful in this regard.

11. A Bug Sponge

 A bug sponge is often called a bug scrubber sponge. It helps in cleaning the bugs off from the windshield of the car. It is effective if you clean bugs using a sponge. It leaves no scratches on the car paint and removes the bugs efficiently.

12. A Clay Bar

Clay bars actually help with the smoothening of the paint on the car. It is one of the best car detailing tools. It can smooth the rough surface of the paint. The paint can get rough due to excess sunlight and other factors like using a regular towel or dust particles.

We hope that the above tools are able to help you with the washing process of your vehicle and maximize your car’s durability.