Many are seeking car care tips at this time. Much of the world is currently facing lockdowns in view of the increasing outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. As a result many people, as well as their cars, have been confined to their homes. Car care in lockdown is important.

Here are a few car care tips to keep your vehicle in good condition during lockdown:

Tip 1. Keep the exterior clean

As many cars are stationary for a while, dust and dirt may accumulate on them. In such instances, it takes a long time to clean and sometimes the cars will remain stained. In such situations, we need to clean our cars with water at least twice a week. If feasible, it would be better if they’re parked indoors and covered.

Tip 2. Keep the interior clean


Many people who use their cars daily store some extra things in the storage compartment. If you also store snacks or any liquid items in the car, remove them and clean the storage area. Perishables can spoil after being in the car for a long time. One may also use disinfectant spray to keep the interior of the car clean and pleasantly scented.

Tip 3. Battery Maintenance

Battery maintenance is important. As many cars remain idle, many batteries will discharge power over time. In such situations, it is important that you start the car every two or three days to keep the battery charged. Leave the engine on for 15-20 minutes allowing it to heat up. During this time, also check the car’s wiper, AC, lights, etc., to make sure that they are working properly.

Tip 4. Hand brake / parking brake

Parking brakes should not be utilized for long periods of time. Car brakes may be damaged or brake lock may occur due to a lengthy period of continuous use. If feasible, park your car on a flat surface. If the car is on an incline then put a brick or block under its tires to prevent any rolling.

Tip 5. Tire Pressure

In any checklist of car care tips, properly functioning tires are a priority. Tire pressure reduction is something that happens over time, whether one’s car is in use or not. It is important that you keep moving the vehicle slightly back and forth periodically so that the tires can have rotational movement. Also, keep in mind that the tires should always have proper air pressure. When the air is low, re-inflate the tires with a pump. 



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