Chicago is well known for its famous mirrored sculpture, museums, skyscrapers and lakes. However, in a city with a population of approximately three million and the largest number of federal highways, car accidents are unavoidable. If you or your loved one were involved in a car accident and have sustained injuries, you can seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer to ensure you receive the correct compensation. If you find yourself asking “where can I find a good car accident lawyer near me” then this article is intended to point you in the right direction.

Places to visit in Chicago

Locating A Car Accident Lawyer in Chicago Using Google Maps

It’s easy to locate a good car accident lawyer in Chicago to assist you with your claim. You can find a car accident lawyer near you without leaving your home. Follow the steps below to select the best car accident lawyer in Chicago Illinois for your case:

  • Step 1 – Visit Google Map using your desktop or phone.

If you want to search for “Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago” using your phone, make sure to install the Google Maps app from the play store for android or the app store for IOS devices.

  • Step 2 – In the search box type in “Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago” and press enter.
Locating Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago using Google Maps

On the desktop view, you will see a listing of lawyers or law firms located in Chicago on the left. On your mobile phones, the car accident lawyers nearby will be located below the map.

Device View of Lawyers in the Chicago area.
  • Step 3 – You can click on the “website icon” on the desktop view to learn more about the law firm. You can also click on the “direction icon” to learn how to get to the lawyers’ location. On the mobile view, you have the option to click on the “phone icon” to immediately contact an attorney.

How to contact or get direction to Law firms located in Chicago

Best Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago Illinois

The following table shows a listing of Lawyers in Chicago Illinois

The following is a listing of the top car accident lawyers in Chicago Illinois. The listing is based on a review rating of 4.5+ with a minimum of 20+ positive customer reviews.

1The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm Dworkin & Maciariello1 312-857-7777
2Malman Law1 312-629-0099
3Disparti Law Group1 312-600-6000
4Ankin Law Office1 312-600-0000
5The Kryder Law Group, LLC1 872-204-1904
6Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C.1 312-219-2175
7Ivan Rueda Law Office1 773-252-9800
8Gainsberg Law, P.C.1 312-626-7751
9Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC1 847-835-8895
10Abels & Annes, P.C.1 312-924-7575
11GWC Injury Lawyers LLC1 312-464-1234
12Law Office of Daniel E Goodman, LLC1 847-292-6000
13Uche P.C.1 312-858-8188
14Shuman Legal Personal Injury Lawyers1 312-422-0700
15William S. Wojcik, Ltd.1 708-424-2121
16Romanucci & Blandin, LLC1 312-458-1000
17Zneimer & Zneimer, P.C.1 773-516-4100
18Willens Injury Law Offices1 312-957-4166
19Budin Law Offices1 872-348-6001
20Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C.1 312-626-7727
21Law Offices of Azita M. Mojarad, P.C.1 312-641-0771
22Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid1 630-848-9294
23Ball & McCann, P.C.1 872-205-6556
24Phillips Injury Attorneys of Chicago1 312-248-0016
25GRAZIAN & VOLPE1 773-838-8100
26Law Office Of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC1 773-944-9737
27Kaiser Hafezi Law1 630-233-9946
28Berenz Law Network Professional Corporation1 312-375-6524
29TorHoerman Law, LLC1 312-313-2273
30Schwartz Injury Law1 708-226-9000

Lawyers for car accidents in Chicago

The law firms listed above are experienced lawyers in Chicago who can assist you with your car accident concerns. The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm Dworkin & Maciariello is #1 on the listing because they have a rating of 4.5 with the most customer reviews totaling 1,173. Nonetheless, all the law firms on this listing can help you with your car accident matter. Below are want customers are saying about lawyers working at The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm Dworkin & Maciariello.

Lionel Haslerig
This team is amazing and I would like to thank them for all of the hard work they did for me. When I was injured I was afraid and felt like I had nowhere to turn for help. The insurance company was fighting me at every turn and stalling to help me. They weren’t paying the bills and I was being threatened with collections from the hospital and the ambulance company for services rendered. I made the call and spoke with Dominic and he never left me throughout the process. All I can say is thank you Dworkin & Maciariello.

Saddam Elbu
My attorney David Rabinowitz was very professional. He kept me informed through out the whole case. I had a very good experience with this office. If anybody is looking for a good lawyer that will get their case done and done right, this is the best lawyer for you. Highly recommended.

Nisha Carter
Gosh! My attorney Jonathan Williams is literally the best! From the very beginning til the very end he fought hard for me. I absolutely appreciate him for always calling me back when I call and always calling me just to keep me updated on my case. He is truly one of the best and I would recommend him to anyone. ? much respect to him ?

Bri Payne
My case was handled quickly and professionally. Ryan was amazing, he kept me informed and answered all my questions. Everything was done via email or phone which was very nice. I reccomend this law firm 100%!!!

Car Accident Victims in Chicago

Deaths in car accidents are on the rise in Illinois, according toa recent analysisfrom the National Safety Council. There was an 11 percent increase during the first quarter of 2020 in fatal crashes compared to the first quarter of 2019. Below depicts some horrific accidents which highlight how dangerous it can be when driving on the streets of Illinois. If you have been involved in a car accident like the ones following it is recommended that you contact a lawyer immediately.

A white Honda was exiting the Mt. Prospect Plaza heading southbound when a gold Ford, which was traveling northwest on Rand Road from Central Road, entered the intersection and struck the Honda. The impact caused the Ford to roll over leaving three dead.

Teen killed after driver veers into oncoming traffic in Garfield Ridge

The driver of a Chevy Impala was seen speeding past traffic along the median of Cicero Avenue before crashing into a Cadillac Escalade. The head-on collision caused a third vehicle to also crash with the Escalade in an apparent chain reaction. A thirteen year old girl who was riding in the Escalade died at Christ Hospital and four others were seriously injured.

Remember, never sign or agree to anything after an accident without seeking legal advice. Insurance companies are notorious for taking advantage of victims by offering them a settlement that is much less than what they deserve. The statutory time limit for filing a car accident lawsuit with the Chicago Illinois court system is two years. So ensure to contact a lawyer as soon as possible if you were injured in an accident.

Not all accidents require an attorney. If you are uncertain, go through the listing to get the best car accident lawyer you are most comfortable with to address your questions.