Contrary to the popular belief that black cars need less maintenance, we must say this is not the case at all. At FixingAuto we’ve spent more time cleaning black vehicles than other cars.

You may think that you don’t need to care for your black vehicle often hence, causing the car to retain dirt, dust and noticeable white spec splashes. This not only looks bad but also endangers the car lining.

It’s really difficult to keep a black vehicle clean since the color black is somewhat deceptive. It makes one believe that it’s not necessary to clean a car frequently since it has a dark color. However, this is so far from the truth. Below are some tips on how to keep your black car clean.

Park Your Black Car in the Garage

Parking a black vehicle in the garage seems to be a thing of the past. Since garages are used for many other things such as storage, a place to store items you no longer use or perhaps workshops. Nonetheless, parking a car in the garage is one of the best things for a black car. Here are the reasons why an owner should clean the garage and use it for the purpose of parking a car.

Black vehicle facing forward and smoke behind the car. Car lights are on and two standing lights can be seen in the back of the car.

Safe from The Elements – Snow, Rain, Wind, Dust Etc

These are the most obvious – snow, rain, wind and other weather elements are the enemies of a black car. They can leave dirt and acid on the vehicle which can cause significant damage to the exterior of the car such as rust. Leaving it outside can also weaken the transparent layer.

Protects Against Dents and Scratches from Elements or Other Vehicles

Tree branches, as well as hail, are just some examples of how a black car can be damaged when it’s outside. Scratches, dents, and broken windows are also possible external problems that can occur when a black vehicle is left outdoors.

Garages Keep the Black Cars Safe from the Sun and Extreme Temperatures

The UV rays from the sun can damage your car in a way that most car owners do not expect. Extreme heat and extreme cold can deteriorate the interior and exterior of your black vehicle when it’s not in a garage.

Yeah, we know what you are saying, it can also happen to other cars that are of different colors and parked outside. That’s true, however with a black car the damages caused by the elements outside are much more noticeable.

Don’t have a garage for your car yet? You can try parking your car in a shaded area or purchase a car cover for your vehicle model.

You Want to Prewash and Rinse Your Black Car to Keep It Clean

You should use two different buckets for this very process to make sure your black car maintains its original color. Get a bucket of clean water and make the other a bucket of soapy water.

Note: You don’t want to use the same bucket to wash and rinse. This will avoid any risk that other particles and substances from the soapy bucket damage the color or surface of the car.

Use Soap to Wash Your Black Car

a white male washing a black car with soap

Soaping the car well is easy, but it can be difficult sometimes depending on the type of vehicle you own. Never use soap that contains bleach as this could stain and erode the color of your black car. It can also cause you to end up paying for a paint job sooner than expected.

Make sure that you use a cloth or sponge gentle enough to not damage the surface of your vehicle.

Rinse Your Black Car

To save water, you can use a separate bucket instead of a hose to rinse. However, we find it more efficient and effective to use a hose that is fitted with a spray nozzle. Both methods work as long as you are careful not to mix anything in the bucket that is used exclusively to rinse the vehicle.

Dry Your Black Car

This part sounds simple, but you will be surprised how complicated it could be when it comes to a black car. Use only materials made of microfiber chenille. It can be either a regular washcloth or a wash glove.

The average price for a wash glove is $7.00. It may be a bit expensive compared to the average vehicle wash cloth but it’s guaranteed to maintain the color of your car and prevent scratches. Its softness prevents your black car from getting damaged and keeps it in good condition.

Polish Your Black Car

We here at FixingAuto suggest you apply car wax just after you have dried your car. Make sure your car is completely dry, and not only partly dry, as there are risks of substances forming on the surface of your car.

When polishing, you will need a car wax to complete the process. This car wax acts as a sunscreen to actually protect the vehicle coating. Your car will be brighter and less prone to damage caused by solar heat. Do this at least two or three times a year when cleaning your car.

Note: You don’t need to apply a car wax every time you wash your car.
Be careful about the car wax you choose, some can damage your clear coat because they contain abrasives.

Additional Tips

Always use the best products when cleaning your black car. The lower quality products damage your car more often, which means that you will eventually pay more in the long run.

Some people like to wash their own car. Hey, some people even like washing dishes regularly. However, if you’re not that type of person it’s always better to opt for a full-service car wash.

Some Other Things You Should Consider:

  • Never park your black car near trees. Birds, insects, and some other creatures that live in the trees can defecate on your car.
  • Wash your black car at least once a week.
  • Apply a ceramic coating or synthetic paint sealer to protect and make the color last longer.
  • Get a waterless cleaner to quickly clean up dirt or stains on your vehicle.


You might think that keeping a black car clean is exactly what you would do with any other color vehicle. This is definitely a common mistake because a black car would require longer maintenance. Keeping the color alone can be a lot of work if you don’t have the right materials, tools, and know the right procedures to help you, therefore this article may help you tremendously.

We hope that this article has served its purpose for your cherished black car. If you like what you have learned here, share it with your friends or perhaps family members who also own a car.