There are a number of benefits of hiring a transmission repair expert over a general mechanic. Transmission systems have evolved a lot, and this has led to these systems and machines becoming highly complex.  The reason is that transmissions have evolved to be remarkably complex and even computerized. While the evolution has meant that transmissions perform better by miles, the increased digitization and complexity of transmission systems make the repair job a highly complicated and technical affair. 

Better Diagnostic Equipment

A top transmission repair shop has access to cutting-edge diagnostic machines that enables them to pinpoint the source of the problem in the most accurate fashion. That means your car’s transmission system will be fixed fast, thereby saving you money and time. Modern vehicles are equipped with complex computerized systems. For that reason, you need equally sophisticated technology that can find the exact cause of the fault in your vehicle’s transmission.

When you take your car for a checkup, the transmission repair technician will connect the car’s on-board computer with the diagnostic equipment. Next, it will generate a code that states the source of the problem. After that, the technician will take the vehicle for test-driving to monitor its behavior closely. Although the car may still need a more hands-on and comprehensive evaluation, technology shows you the starting point upon which you can build further investigations.

They are Specialized in Transmission Service

We’ve already mentioned how complicated the transmission system of your car is. For that reason, you need someone who is specialized in handling these types of problems. If you’ve been keen, you will have realized that most car dealerships and general repair facilities don’t offer transmission service in their preventative maintenance schedules.

It’s not because the service is unprofitable, or that they don’t want to. It is because of the level of complication that the transmission systems involve. Just recently, it was common to find vehicles fitted with a four-speed transmission. Even then, this required a skillful and well-trained mechanic to handle. Today, most vehicles have 6-speed transmissions. Before long, we may soon have 7, 8, and even 9-speed transmissions. Also, there are many models that feature CVT or continuously variable transmissions. This is a whole new transmission sophistication.

They Can Diagnose High-Tech Transmission Problems

The other advantage of choosing a transmission repair expert over a general mechanic is that these professionals can diagnose high-tech transmission problems. That is because these skilled transmission repair experts are specialized in this kind of repair and service, something that enables them to quickly and accurately diagnose the problems using computer diagnostics and road testing. If after the road test the technician realizes that the problem has nothing to do with a faulty transmission, the much-relieved car owner can be happy that the issue is something that doesn’t cost as much to fix.

On the other hand, if the diagnosis finds that the transmission is faulty, technicians will go to the bottom of the issue and also clearly explain to you the different solutions you have to fix it. A good technician will educate you so you understand the problem. This way, you can then make informed decisions regarding your vehicle.

They Can Repair all Types of Transmission Malfunctions

Some transmission issues are straightforward and not complex to fix. But at other times, it could be a combination of electronic and mechanical engineering required to fix the car and get it back hitting the road. The good news is that no matter the type of repair that’s needed, a top transmission repair shop will be equal to the task. They solve a wide range of transmission problems.

Replacing or Overhauling a Transmission

In case your transmission system requires a complete overhaul, there are two options at your disposal. The first option is to remove the transmission and then overhaul it. The other option is to have the entire existing unit replaced with another that has been refurbished, or rebuilt.

The cost of replacing or overhauling the a transmission varies depending on the results of the diagnostic testing. Your technician will help you to understand the different factors affecting the cost. Also, some repair shops offer flexible payment options to their customers. 

Our advice is that it’s not always the best thing to replace your transmission system with a used one. That is because used transmissions may have questionable pasts that could lead to new challenges. On the other hand, new transmissions are mainly aftermarket transmissions branded as new but, in reality, are rebuilt with new parts. 

Better Experience

Because specialist transmission shops focus only on fixing the transmission systems, their technicians have experience in this kind of work. They understand the specific causes of transmission issues in vehicles and can accurately diagnose any problem and find a solution. That saves you both time and money.

To get your transmission system to serve you for longer, take advantage of preventive maintenance from top auto technicians. Things like regularly changing transmission fluid, taking your car to a specialist mechanic if you hear any strange noises, and being careful on the road will help to extend the life of your transmission. If your car has transmission problems, make sure you take it to a specialized transmission repair shop.

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